“I didn’t hear You.” That was the unwelcome response that received a lot of Alexa users on Christmas day from your Amazon voice assistant. From 12 o’clock noon, the problems became more frequent. In some regions, have also been reported on the second Christmas day is still interference.

“For a short period of time, we had a technical fault that affected some customers the opportunity to interact with the Alexa Service inter-temporarily,” said the company FAZ.NET. The Alexa Service is working now but fully.

the especially urban areas were affected. In Berlin, the Ruhr region and in Frankfurt, the failures became more frequent. However, in the UK there were some complaints. In America, the service seems to be available without restrictions.

For many users, probably due to the failure caused problems in limits – eventually, the voice assistant is in many cases a toy. A user writes, you would need to put in Christmas the stopwatch for the Christmas dinner yourself, instead of hiring Alexa. That alone is not ruined Christmas, of course.

Some users hit it harder. A writes, he used Alexa and the Smart Home, because he was physically restricted. He had to call friends to turn on the light.

Overloaded Server

Alexa is reliant on the connection to the Amazon Server. The voice commands are processed. Is overloaded the Server, but to be as it should in this case have been, it seems, does the program not more reliable.

the reason for the outages for Amazon, but good news. The Alexa App was on Christmas day in Apple’s App Store and Google Play are particularly popular.