finally, After months and months of intensive rehabilitation, it is a young leopard released into the wild in the West of India.

for several Months the animal was monitored, and intensively treated with physical therapy, massage, and guided walks. “He came in here in a critical condition. His recovery was amazing to see,” says one of the rangers.

In the West of India, and found a few keepers and a young leopard back into a nature reserve. The animal was less than a year old and hasn’t been able to move around in. For example, once the animal is better able to see, noticed by the forest guards that were most likely attacked by an older leopard. There were a couple of open wounds that are indicated in the event of an attack, but the main problem was bigger than this one. The animal is suffering, this is because of damage to nerves, causing the paralysis, it was no longer the case for self-care.

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