A League of coronaviruses in that they were all important
A League of coronaviruses in that they were all important

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Restrained in the public exhibition, Zidane hides a bloodstream that only teaches to his or her relatives. The explosion of tears and hugs that we witnessed in the stadium Alfredo Di Stéfano nothing more to become champion of the League showed the real Zidane.

The French broke out because he had gotten one of the titles most important of his life. Many fans have not realized the significance of this championship. Ramos left a message a few days ago desvelaba that secret which had so often reflected with his coach. “Winning this League means a lot,” said the captain. It means too much.

why I cried Zidane? I cried because it is the first title without Cristiano, the first confirmation of a new era, the success that you recognize a few veterans criticized

this Means that the Real Madrid has won its first major title without Cristiano. It means that this old guard that amounted to two years without a trophy, high-level has come back to win in the fall or even winter of their careers. It means that Modric, Marcelo, the great captain (Ramos), Karim Benzema and Kroos still have the rope, when many of them were looking to substitute.

“The players were happier than three years ago, they were much more proud than other celebrations,” says a club professional. The leaders of the group wanted to answer in the field

let us Not forget a fundamental fact: Zidane left for Real Madrid five days after winning the Champions league in Kiev, because he knew that Ronaldo leaving and that the club is not portfolio a front of the first line. He observed that the team would not have reinforcements draft and had asked the club. In the end, the decline in performance, provided for by the marseillais, is led by front-to-Lopetegui and Solari.

reflection, critical

Zidane had to come back on the 11 of march of last year to run a template with plenty of gaps. Is joined to Mendy, Rodrygo, Militao and Hazard. Vinicius and Valverde were already . And with these withs waited to start this season to win a title of the cache. What has been achieved. I cried because it was the first wand of the new era, a new stage in which the change must be made quiet. And has triumphed with the contribution of all. There were No tea holders, had mainly sixteen. It is a successful wardrobe of the cast of footballers.

she Cried Zidane because the defeat in the Villamarín and the fiasco against Manchester City made him think in march they would not get anything. The failure to Betis, 2-1, on march 8, the day of the birthday of Florentine Pérez, four dates before the confinement, left him marked. She had defeated a week earlier at Barcelona, 2-0, and the bump in Seville he hurt you. But the bulls opened the mind of Real Madrid.

Zidane and Ramos spoke with the template. It was time to change the situation. Had time. And they have done so. Tears embraced Bettoni, your mentor, your subconscious mind become a friend, poured the stress of five months in which it proposed to take a turn at the computer. What you have achieved.

Reaffirmation of the template

The joy that vibrated in Valdebebas expressed a feeling that the madridismo is not known. “Despite the discretion and the modesty of the party, this League was held in the locker room much more than the previous one in Malaga”, warned a professional entity, why? Because after the last Cup of Europe endured harsh criticism over two years. Heard that they had “the full belly” titles. They heard that many were already in the downhill and the Real Madrid should be looking for respite already. Them hurt me. This championship is the reaffirmation of his own self. Have become to feel important, winners. “They were much more proud and happy than in other celebrations, you could see it,” said another man of the house. “Of all the past celebrations, it is the most cheerful I have a sense”, highlights another professional that works with them.

The template dined at Valdebebas and all retired to their houses, about two in the morning. In the small feast put on light music and background were the talks stretched on, which drowned all those bad times we suffered throughout the campaign. There were memories, anecdotes and jokes that we had done to each other over time. It was a meeting of confirmation, recalling beautiful battles won. Because they had secured the League and I had to add to that legend the war stories of this course. War stories that do not have the veterans of the place, war stories you can tell young people like Asensio. And is that the big victories have carved out veterans and newcomers. The spaniard could already have extensive battles to a few grandchildren who do not exist, because you only have 24 years.

Even the wayward

Zinedine commended all the men who have won this League, including two wayward, Bale and James. Because the French lifted the championship is underway, thanks to the contribution of all. He has presented fifty-four alignments different throughout the season. Every day announced a eleven with a minimum of four changes. And in the second time, as a clock, to the hour of the party, introduced two new ends for open up the field and inject energy team. The rotations have crossed the title, as decided with this same technician three years ago in The Rose garden.

Vinicius and Valverde are good examples of this philosophy. Have been very important throughout the year, and against Villarreal were not owners, because the coach has regained the faith in Rodrygo and wanted to give their site a Hazard, vapulado for injuries and shock. On defense, Mendy and Marcelo have all fought for the left-hand side and Zidane has aligned alternately until the last injury from the brazilian. Militao has established itself as a relay of the central consecrated. The reappearance of Asensio has been the rubric of the year, the happiness added to the white kitchen. Is fully recovered from his serious injury and has entered the fight for the title with his class and power. Manchester awaits you now and the next campaign will be your confirmation.

The head of sports of the League champion was promoted to this success, “all” is not only referring to the players, but also to the technical body and its different functions, all dark to the viewer. From Gregory Dupont to David Bettoni passing by Javier Mallo, Hamidou Msaidie, Roberto Vázquez and José Carlos Parrales.


The coach had a special mention for the doctors and the physiotherapists, these men and women who are taking care of the muscles of the players day and night, while no one knows their names. That work is the key to get a player to worn out to work at the end of 64 hours.

Was, is, a League, strange, rare. Won in the stadium Alfredo Di Stefano, a fact for the story. The first title won without public absence that elicited a psychological work so that the players jump into the field with the ambition to get the championship that is required by themselves, by self-love, without fans to push and ask for more.

Zinedine thought that this trophy made him more happy than the Champions league because has won with players committed, several of them muchcachos of 19 and 20 years old, who have endured very well the pressure that’s supposed to carry this t-shirt. Those who came off the boat did not get in. Neither heated, nor played. Despite these problems, the site escaped these cases and focused on your goal. The technician told them to forget what supefluo and were to the point. Played a lot individually and collectively. They wanted to answer their critics in the field. And the first thing he wanted to talk on the lawn was Zidane, the “aligner”, and despised as a coach desse won the first of his eleven titles made-in-command.

it Is dedicated especially to his brother, Farid, who died in July of last year after fighting cancer. Zidane left then the concentration of the pre-season in Canada and flew to France to say goodbye to him. She would have liked that Farid would have enjoyed this success. Every tear that ran down his face after beating Villarreal had recipient. The first, the campus of Real Madrid, who needed this blow on the table.