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as A very young man, of eighteen years of age, who, in may, along with an under-age friend and a supermarket “Carrefour” in Beveren (belgium) made the risk to 37 months in prison. At his trial, he was severely dealt with by the courts.

Nafia F., Saint-Nicolas, it is only just eighteen years old, and is already two months in jail. It is the result of an armed robbery on may 4 of this year, along with a friend did at the department store, a Carrefour in Beveren (belgium). “They got to the department store and covered them to their face, reconstructed with the public prosecutor’s office in the raid. “And then waving them with a knife, and to the staff and gave one of the cashiers on the floor.”

Recognized at the school.

The perpetrators were able to attack a couple of thousand euro in loot, to make it. Nafia F. this could be as a result of further research, related to the description of one’s cashier. “She had been to him, and almost immediately recognized, because they along with him in school and had not been, ‘ explained the lawyer, Steven Henderickx, from. “Nafia F. in the story, but both the signal from the mobile phone as well as that of his companion, were, at the time of the facts, which is capped at the level of the output.

Nafia F., had only just reached the age of majority at the time of the attack. His friend is not, so that it was moved to the closed youth institution in Everberg. “It was an idea from my friend, father F. this is the process. “He had everything taken care of. I just had to go.”

Nafia F., is the risk to 37 months in prison. During the hearing of the case, he was in the coat rubbed out by judge Kelly to Fall. “You were still in school and had to sit there, instead of here, in the court of law,” was the firm’s president. Judgment delivered on the 28th of October.