A journalist performs a demonstration during a press conference by the police
A journalist performs a demonstration during a press conference by the police

as A journalist, has on Monday, a protest, a press conference of the police force in hong Kong is disrupted. They have stopped the conference and made a statement that they are still gewelddadigere the action of the police against journalists in the elbow.

the Policemen were on Sunday, with tear gas and rubberkogels put an end to a battle in which more support is given to the media. A fotojournaliste, was arrested as the violence in the film. There were also two local reporters being shot with a rubberkogels.

In response, decided to reporter Amy Ip, on Monday held a press conference, the police have to interfere with it. They took the word of the use of force by the police against journalists to complain about. Through the journalists, to prevent their work to be done, there will be great damage to the freedom of the press in hong Kong, according to them.

During her explanation, she appeared with a flashlight in the eyes of the police, saying, “this is what you have every day to be with us, in order to make sure that your abusive behavior is not seen”. Finally, it complained about the Ip, to limit yourself and to guess what effect the injury of, and to force them to take their masks off at the very moment that the gas is being used.

The politietop finally, the press conference was abandoned.

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