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Among the many evenings of glory, is Paco Way is a marked with letters of gold. Madrid, Las Ventas, June 4, 1970, cum Charity, seven bulls and eight ears . A triumph that excels in the career of one of the figures of bullfighting in the second half of the TWENTIETH century. “The eco romantic Paco Way”, he titled his chronic abecedaria Antonio Diaz Cañabate , in which the critic, who so often accused of adocenamiento the right handed Twin, was delivered to you without a referral for a magical evening.

Road not toreó that year in Seville, and there was also no agreement for San Isidro. But, although Cañabate defined in the beginning of his chronicle as “a man of today, who probably has no idea of what was romanticism”, yes it recognizes the gesture. “Offered to kill the running of the Charity. Money? Anxiety romantic is imposed. Nothing of money. Free of charge. What bulls? The vacadas of greater pedigree, the higher antiquity.”

To his soul, had come to the eco romantic said: “Parries six bulls in Madrid. It is a gesture of yesterday, when the toreros were romantic. Parries six bulls, not for the public, for you, for your satisfaction of a bullfighter”.

I had Just finish the Feria de San Isidro with wins resonant of the main figures. The Cordoba cut eight ears in two afternoons, five Viti, on the shoulders also came Diego Puerta, Gregorio Sanchez, Palomo Linares… that’s why the gesture Path is expected as a revalidation of the bullfighter for the fans and to himself.

To each bull, the best thing

This 4 of June, the general De Gaulle came to Spain to spend a vacation with his wife, but the interest of millions of spaniards was in what happened in the plaza of madrid. In direct and through the small screen. Or an entry. “For the plaza to be overflowing with stretched out a cry. It is not bullanga… Is the eco romantic”. A great ovation greets the matador, “it is not the routine”, dress of crimson and gold. “ The nerves in voltage . All of the nerves except the Paco Way”, asserts the critic of the ABC in his first trial about what happened in the arena.

Cut off one ear at the first of Juan Pedro Domecq , the two the second of Urquijo, with no success before the third of Miura , the other trophies in the room, a hat from John Peter; without success with the Buendia two ears to the sixth Arranz, and another in the seventh that gave it away, of Buendía. Eight ears, in an unforgettable evening.

“Afternoon serenity, translated on a regular basis”, while Cañabate points to two highlights, the lunge which opened the plaza and the site of the sixth. “Achieved the extraordinary, the purity and beauty the art of bullfighting”.

sums it up: “The highlight of the run was that Paco Way toreó to each of the seven bulls according to its condition . And this, to me, and I think that for all the world, is the bullfighting. Or the blossoming out of season, or the dry classicism, or the false drama, or the granting to an audience not of bullfighting, or, much less, passes mechanical and routine. is each bull, what is yours “.

And at the end of the chronicle, the recognition, the importance of an afternoon only: “there Was a bullfighter in the arena. Not needed any more. For this we sigh a long time ago that we want a fiesta authentic. Paco Way has made us to sigh deeply. We have been so happy. The eco romantic of Paco Camino has resonated in all of the Spain taurine. Go ahead with the lanterns and the luminaries of the true art of bullfighting!”. Cañabate, dixit.