, Exit, Geike Arnaert, the enter key, Laura Govaerts. The CHARITY-the dj made it tonight and will make her debut in “The smartest man in the world”. After the overwhelming participation of her co-workers She is Vanwezemael, she has big shoes to fill. But in this episode, the judges who most of the attention has gone away.

the best quote:

” Erik Van Looy, against the jury, Jérôme: “Have you ever secretly felt for a man, or are you a full-blooded hetero?”

Jérôme: “all of us, which my fiance ( Élodie Ouédraogo, ed. ) know that I’m 100% black-men’s-fall.”


Van Looy: “I have tinnitus, I hear it all the time, crickets.”

Jérôme: I would just make your hair even wash them.”


Jack Kazaltzis: “I used to have a GameBoy had. My next-door neighbour.”

at The best moment:

“I’ve got a pot and brought it along”, were the last member of the jury Final Kazaltzis it. In a pot, where Jérôme is a penny could throw-in by poor homograp. At the end of the episode it was in, the pot is not completely full, but Jérôme promised that the amount will be vertienvoudigen, and to give Demiclowns, the non-profit where Sebastien Dewaele as ambassador’s. It provides care for people with dementia and their relatives.

The winner of Tuesday night:

Astrid Stockman proved once again to be a strong quizzer, and ended up at 419 seconds.

The loser of the Tuesday night:

as an Actor, Sebastien Dewaele was nervous during the finals, and was in danger of to go home, to be played by the CHARITY-the dj, Laura Govaerts. They had sent her to a number of seconds tactical bags, but that wasn’t the full name of the last pope. With two of the keywords, and played Dewaele for her at the last moment came to the house.

newcomer of the Wednesday night:

Bart Raes, the host of Sports to the late night.

this is The current situation.

1. Meanwhile, Vanwezemael (6 episodes).

2. Astrid Stockman (6 episodes).

3. Philippe Geubels: (5 episodes).

4. Natalia (3 episodes)

5. Sebastien Dewaele (3 episodes)
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