Deinze – < / P> EcoPuur, a company based in Nevele, specialising in sustainable water and energy technologies, has Thursday, for our country, a new waste water treatment plant Hydraloop has been launched. The system has been in the residential homes, to 85 per cent of the water coming out of a shower, a bathtub and a washing machine to be recycled.

a Reference to the problem of scarcity, which Belgium is facing, our country is at an alarming 23rd, from 164 countries, and be EcoPuur director of the George Haems on Thursday, during a persontmoeting, “on the necessity of increasing the awareness of our water consumption”. The Flemish are used for an average of 114 gallons of water per day. The new waterrecyclagesysteem, it is in the every day, approximately 240 litres of re-useable for a toilet, a washing machine, a garden and a swimming pool.

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The plant, which is manufactured by the Dutch company Hydraloop in the first place, it is suitable for new-build projects. It can also be installed with a very thorough renovation in which the lines have been re-landscaped it. The price is 3500 euro. The plaatsingskost will depend on a number of factors. EcoPuur is, however, strongly believe that the savings to the waterfactuur of the system itself in 5 to 7 years to pay back.