finally, The third comeback of Kim Clijsters (36), which, in september, out-of-the-blue announcement, it is provisionally brought to a stop. While playing a game here, she had a tear in the knieband on it. Results: eight weeks to recover, and followed by the Australian Open.

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“It’s a disappointment, but I am determined to get back to the times”, says Kim, Kim out on Twitter. Her knee injury does not have anything to do with a traditional overload by increasing the training effort, which could be a suspect. “No, no, she was playing a game, one wrong move, and felt the pain,” says her manager, Bob Laes. It was going to be more specific in order to play a game of padel, an increasingly popular cross between a squash and a tennis court. Kim has, in addition to her tennis club as well as a padelclub.

“it was Only after a recovery of six to eight weeks, they return to intensive training,” says Laes. “With this injury, it is at this time of the year doesn’t matter too much, but this time, it was crucial to build up for the Australian Open. If they wanted to play, but anyway, it is already the middle of december to the Australia’s going to be a voorbereidingstoernooi to play with.” This is too early in the morning. Too bad, because there is a wild card at the Australian Open, which starts on the 20th of January by the year 2020. Kim loves to love from Australia and to the grand slam tournament, but she just wanted to be there to play when they are ready too.

Fed-Cup? Tokyo?

When she made her comeback it will be to make it? The Fed Cup-a match-up against Kazakhstan on the 7th of February in Kortrijk, belgium is probably still too early. On the other hand, if, Before the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, it wants to be, it would, in theory, should be selected – and they don’t have to play it. But even if she misses, that Fed Cup encounter, there are carve-outs in order to get to Tokyo 2020, it has to be allowed.

as Before if they are fit enough to feel it an official comeback to the WTA tour circuit in the Us have the opportunity to play with Indian Wells (9th of march), and/or Miami (march 23). Especially in Miami, has a special symbolic value, for it Before. Her in-laws, living in the winter near the. Her husband, Brian Lynch, from the birth of the American, the kids fly over to Kim’s to be saved.

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