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The Formula E director admits it would be natural for the electric car racing circuit to make a stop in Canada.

Jamie Reigle, who hails from Vancouver, broached the subject when he arrived in Nice, France, ahead of the Formula E event in Monaco this weekend.

He said the cinematic qualities of select Canadian cities would pair well with the 16 races in the series, which includes stops in Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Rome and London, among others.

“We think of iconic cities. When you think of cities like London, Rome or Berlin, where we’ve done events before, those are city names that resonate across the world, Reigle said from France. This does not mean that all the cities where we present events have the same cachet, but it is a factor that we think about.

“If we look at Canada, cities like Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver would fit well at this level. »

Two other factors sought by Formula E are cities with a strong sporting culture to ensure a good crowd and a direct connection to the automotive industry. Reigle therefore indicated that due to these factors, there is a lot of interest in a Formula E event in Canada.

“The question becomes, can we find the right city and the right place to set up a circuit in that city? “, he noted.

Montreal hosted two Formula E races in July 2017 and drew around 45,000 spectators. Vancouver was supposed to host an event in July 2022, but it was canceled three months before it was scheduled. The promoter of the event would face several lawsuits following the cancellation, according to various media.

“What we have learned (with Vancouver) is that we need to take more responsibility as Formula E, rather than having a partner lead the presentation of the event,” said Reigle. We have already changed the way we operate and we are trying to have more direct relations with city leaders. »