a Few hundred, maybe a thousand, of travel that has been booked by Thomas Cook and Neckermann Belgium, will be in the next few months, however, still be able to take place. It’s going to cruisereizen, so it was a Thursday, heard back from the Travel Guarantee fund. The affected passengers will be contacted.

According to Mark De Vriendt, the head of the Travel Guarantee fund, for travel to take place which, in the meantime, it is found that all the suppliers have been paid. It’s not on the typical travel package directly from the booklets were recorded, which is why The Vriendt, but in order to, for example, cruisereizen. “Well, plane tickets are booked for the regular air carriers, and through them organised, they can be used” (like the traveller, they are paid at all), sounds like it’s still there.

For those who are in doubt, we recommend that the fund be Traveling to get in touch with a travel agency.

in The event of bankruptcy of Thomas Cook in Belgium, and found an estimated of more than 70,000 people who are on a journey, or a journey booked with the tour operator. Those who are traveling in the water and watched it fall, it can still be a schadedossier should be submitted via the website of the Travel Guarantee fund.

More about Thomas Cook’s Former chief executive, Thomas Cook has “regrets” but does not say whether or not he is indulgent bonuses is back (though he thinks about it), Thomas Cook: touch and go, but the 29 subsidiaries, less, Spanish, buyer, close, especially, in Flanders, in the offices of Thomas Cook said: “While there are still acquisitions are possible,” the Tourism expert to see, however, is still a future for the package tour in Flanders, “the Spanish group, Thomas Cook shops will not accept’