Corona in Mexico is A special path, the thousands of lives gefährdetDie Mexican government is loosening the Corona limitations, although due to a lack of testing, it is totally unclear, how many people are infected.Simon Widmer22 Kommentare22Will open up the economy quickly: The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Behind him is the Slogan “Quédate en casa”, the Spanish Version of “Stay at home”. Photo: Keystone

A light at the end of the tunnel, he wants to have seen, the Mexican President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. On Monday be opened in the “communities of hope” – the least – affected areas, schools, factories and public places. Also, López Obrador declared three industries, it is vital that the need to previously set the operation were: the vehicle industry, construction and mining.

López Obrador’s Plan, called “la nueva normalidad” – the new normal – it is summarized to 10 Powerpoint slides. A couple of colored box and arrow diagrams and sets of traffic lights, which suggest a multi-stage approach. It actually looks quite reasonable.

The infection curve rises steeply to

just not the Numbers Would be there. Almost all of the countries have relaxed the Corona-restrictions only after the number of new infections and deaths fell victim to before. In Mexico, the signs are exactly the opposite. The country is in the worst Phase. Yet on Tuesday, with 347 deaths, the highest number of victims counted within 24 hours. So far, over 40’000 infections and more than 4200 deaths have been confirmed.

the funeral of a Corona-victim at a cemetery in Tijuana.(REUTERS/Ariana Drehsler)

The official Figures are bad enough – and you are in too deep. Much too deep. According to a recently published study by the OECD will not be tested in Mexico on 1000 people once. It is the worst value of all 37 members of the OECD. The average is just 28 Tests per 1000 people. “The government knows that the official Figures of votes by far. But they are realistic estimates,” says Xavier Tello, a physician and Analyst in the area of health care. He speaks of half a Million people might be infected.


Without sufficient testing capacity improvised acts” but also of López Obrador’s Plan, the “new normal”, in the best case, a Poking in the fog. Because without a sufficient data basis, it is impossible to know whether there are in the “communities of hope”, which will be open from Monday, in fact, hardly any contagions. In addition, while there is a rough Plan, but no detailed hygiene concepts and behavior instructions for the individual industries, says Tello. “Much of it sounds improvised.”

As elsewhere, the disastrous economic situation put the politicians under pressure to act. The situation in Mexico is particularly bad. The price of Oil has collapsed, the tourism collapsed. Also, the remittances from the 11 million Mexicans in the United States, in view of the crisis, for the most part.

Trump puts Mexico under pressure

the big neighbor to the North put on the pressure. The Trump-government has pressured Mexico in the past few weeks to open up the economy quickly. Many American companies, particularly Auto and machine manufacturer, refer to the individual components of your finished product from Mexico.

For the current year, Economists expect a decline of the gross domestic product of 7 percent. In April alone, more than 555 000 people have lost their jobs. Not the informal sector, which accounts for about half of the work in Mexico’s economy expects.

people own

Not helpful of López Obrador’s economic policy, which is amazing for a left-wing populist is The 66-Year-old is devoid of rescue packages worth billions, the damage for the domestic economy to cushion. 40 percent of the 126 million inhabitants living according to the world Bank in poverty. You are largely left to themselves.

López Obrador feared, the inclusion of additional debt would make Mexico heavily from foreign creditors and the International monetary Fund IMF. However, it is part of the economic Mainstream, the economy in crisis situations, public investment in the short term to stimulate. According to almost all the countries of the Western hemisphere have pumped huge amounts into the economy.

the trouble with Social Distancing

the personal behavior of the left-wing populists is not the crisis adequately. In mid-March, he behaved as if Covid-19 would not exist in Mexico. On a trip in the southwest of the country, he embraced pensioners, kissed the children, and gave his followers the Hand. In any case, a Nation prepared “with such a venerable culture such as Mexico’s” best for the risk of the new Coronavirus, according to the President.

This could change very quickly. “Make no mistake about it,” says the Analyst Xavier Tello. “We are heading in the next few weeks on a disaster.”

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