A Dutch group of six plofkraken killed in Flanders will receive prison sentences of up to 13 years old


Tielt-Winge / Boechout / Leave / Stekene, belgium / Buggenhout / Sint-Laureins –

The court of first instance of Antwerp, the ten Dutch citizens were prosecuted for their part in a six-plofkraken at the atm’s in the region. They were given prison sentences of three years and, partly, on one or more occasions up until the age of thirteen, effectively, imposed on them.

The first plofkraak, which took place on 15 may and take place in a KBC branch in Tielt-Winge. After that, viseerde of the gang, vending machines, Bpost, in Buggenhout (June 6), Boechout (June 13), Leave (June 21), Sint-Laureins (July 20), and Stekene, belgium (10th of August). Abusers, male and female, each of the gas in the circuit breakers to them over the long power lines with a stroomstootwapen were to explode. The offices were badly damaged. Some of the machines were in the buildings. The defendants were allowed by the court of the fortunate and that there are no injuries or deaths have fallen.

At the first of the four plofkraken was a total of 808.000 euro booty is made of. A portion of the notes had, however, become unusable because they are covered had been hit by the shattered verfcapsules. In the last two plofkraken small thing to pick it up. In Sint-Laureins, you had the originators of everything in advance, but they had to flee from the police. In Stekene, belgium, there was indeed an explosion, but who did not have the desired effect, so they don’t spoil it.
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