for the First time since 2010, the number of organ donors in Germany has increased again significantly. Last year, 955 people donated after death their organs to severely ill patients, such as the German Foundation for organ transplantation (DSO), announced on Friday in Frankfurt.

In comparison to 2017, this is an increase of almost a fifth at the time, there were only 797 donors. Thus, 11,5 donors come now to a Million inhabitants.

the Federal health Minister, Jens Spahn, has welcomed the increase. “Finally, there are more organ donors,” said the CDU politician of the German press Agency. Information campaigns have had an effect. Also the debate on the new organ donation rules to ensure that more people made thoughts on this topic.

10,000 patients waiting

“The Bundestag will advise in the next few months, about a number of laws, which are intended to set the conditions for more organ donations. Because the growing Numbers are good, but not good enough,“ said Spahn. “There are 10,000 people waiting for a donor organ.”

Currently, approximately 9400 patients in Germany, the DSO is that still on the list for an organ transplant. The Foundation evaluated the Numbers as “the first gleam of Hope” for patients waiting. Significant improvements could bring the present by the Bundestag planned reforms for organ donation.

From the donors 3113 organs were, according to the announcement by the international mediation EuroTrans center plans successfully in patients of the eight member countries. Including in 1607, kidney, 295 heart, 779 livers, 338 lungs, 91 pancreatic cancer, as well as 3 small intestines. The are 519 institutions more than in 2017.