A delicate process and to Russia contacts – Fedpol-bear hunters flew to dismissal diligently to MoskauEin COP lost because of a forbidden meeting with a Russian investigator, and hunting companions of his Job. But his travels to Russia, he continued as a “VIP” Fort Thomas Knellwolf3 Kommentare3Zusammen on a yacht on the lake Baikal (2014): Russia adviser, Viktor K. (with bar) with the Swiss state Prosecutor of the Federation, Patrick Lamon (left) and the Russian Prosecutor General-Deputy Saak Karapetjan. Kneeling: Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber photo: zVg

The case of the Russian expert, Viktor K.* one of the bizarre is the most and most far-reaching of the Era, Michael Lauber. The Slavic and German Federal criminal police officer K. had advised the Federal Prosecutor and official travel in the East, accompanied.

around three years Ago, K. was released from the Federal office of police (Fedpol), sentenced to one year ago, then by the Federal criminal court of a conditional fine, because he let the Russian Prosecutor-General’s office or from an oligarch to a week bear hunting and had to invite.

At the funeral of the hunting

Recently discovered in the Russian media, the case. The oppositional “Novaya Gazeta” revealed that K. had also travelled to his dismissal up to Russia. Documents suggest that the Ex-the adviser to the Federal Prosecutor’s office in the one and a half years ago, took off immediately after seven times, in Business Class to Moscow. If there are two flights, there is even the words “VIP”.

In the reporting of the suspicion with swings that K. cooperated after his departure, Putin’s justice – or even the accused representatives. As the “purpose of travel” are specified in the Russian documents “Business” and “conversations”.

K. says on request, these trips were private and had “nothing to do with law enforcement”. Once he was arrived to the funeral of the Russian Deputy General Prosecutor Saak Karapetjan, with which he was connected in friendship.

On a boat with Lauber

it All started at the end of 2016, when K. came to pass that, despite the prohibition of his superiors on his own to Moscow. There, he met Karapetjan, as well as a dazzling defender in the case of Magnitsky. With this large international money laundering complex and the Federal government is doing heavy advocacy for years, and what gives you harsh criticism.

The unauthorized trip K. was also a display of his employer, the Fedpol. The Federal Prosecutor had to open a criminal case against the investigator who had worked for almost two decades for you.

However, although K. occasionally even from Fedpol to the Lauber Agency was borrowed and where it’s Plethi knew, it is not unnecessary, for the investigation of an external attorney to use.

The discrete Mini-investigation

The U.S. attorney’s office showed no interest in an independent workup of the Case and their own contacts in the former Soviet Union. After all, the investigators found pictures of several hunting trips of K. in Russia for sure. On other recordings, several representatives from the U.S. attorney’s office, including Michael Lauber were in person, on a boat trip with K. and the Russian counterpart to see.

But in-depth investigations, as it should be. After a Mini-investigation (total cost of 1100 Swiss francs) wanted to do the office of the attorney General, the case with a criminal command discreetly in writing. But K. did not take part. He fought back.

miscarriage of justice or gap in the law?

spoken In a rather short and a little enlightening process, he was in the most points free. Interestingly, the reasoning of the single judge, could not be punished, which is why K. for the extended Hunting weekends: most of The invitations he had accepted in Russia, and not in Switzerland, where it was not prohibited. According to this logic, every Swiss citizen could be greased representatives in many places in the world without consequences. The Federal Prosecutor accepted the verdict anyway. The question remains open of whether the part of a miscarriage of justice or a law-free due to contradictions gap.

workup, starting on Tuesday

K. however, fighting still, because something was still hanging a bear hunt week. Here he had received the invitation well in Switzerland. That’s why he got a low conditional to a monetary penalty.As of Tuesday, the appeals chamber of the Federal government wants to met cutting court the case is broader. It has charged three more persons providing information or witnesses, all of whom had worked with K. in the case of the office of the attorney General or the Fedpol.

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