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The murder and arrested, Kevin L. (32), which is better known as a Clown, yet there was, until he died in the prison of Brugge, belgium. The Oostendenaar killed in may of last year, his ex-girlfriend, rozenkweekster, Caroline, Dombrecht (46). Afterwards, he waved for hours with a gun in an apartment building, until he was apprehended. While assisenproces was waiting for, he came to the cell to sustain life.

The clown with two faces, it was Kevin L. (32) will be called. Professionally, he did himself as a Clown, yet there was a cheerful picture that the children in the hospitals are trying to boost. But at the same time, he on the 14th of may last year, the horrifying events of his former girlfriend, Caroline, Dombrecht, a rozenkweekster from the West-Flanders Ettelgem. A kind of revenge, because he will not be recognized and felt as a father figure for her children, and he has the woman tied up and strangled. He was supposed to be her possible to have multiple knife wounds have to be administered while the children are at the moment home, as well.

The facts came to light only after Kevin L. and then with the engine at a block of flats in Bredene, drove for hours and hours, armed to move on the roof top. It seemed as if he wanted to be killed by the police, but eventually he gave himself over to the task forces.

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Photo: rr. < / P> SEE ALSO is. Secret reader-friendly edition, which folds out of the confessional, “He asked us to shoot him. Otherwise, he would jump up and down” (+)

the . Since then, the man’s been locked up in the prison of Brugge, belgium. The investigation into the murder, walked in, and yet, Kevin L. was always a assisenproces to wait where he was a lifelong days. But on Saturday, it is the men who suddenly passed away. This is attested to by Kathleen, From The Pond to the States. “But we don’t have any further information on individual cases.”

the lawyers, from the L., We Demets and Lawrence De Koninck, confirmed the death of their client. They emphasize that all actors are properly acted upon and wish for the other not to make public statements. “Professional secrecy, and it remains for us to apply, even after the passing away of our client, what it sounds like.

To Health Problems?

According to the public prosecutor’s office in Bruges, there is no intent at the time of death are required. “Yes, I can confirm that there is no involvement of a third party at the time of death is,” says a spokesperson for Celine, D’have. But, in the particular circumstances, is itself, no further comment.”

Kevin L. was according to our information, been for a long time in ill health as a result of diabetes. By his death, the criminal proceedings to be void, and there will be no assisenproces.

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the Relief

For the next of kin of Caroline, Dombrecht, it means that the latter is a relief. “What We saw over there was very calm,” says a close member of the family. “But we are also very happy to find out that he has no one else to learn to fly you can do it. Caroline was a beautiful woman. She has worked among the roses, but she was the most beautiful rose it was. It is very, very hard to miss.”

At the beginning of the study, it was also a friend of Kevin L. was arrested. It was going to be Dietwin H. (38), and a friend jodelaar, with whom he sometimes did business. To him, he had, soon after the facts are presented, just as he had done so, however Dietwin H., and alerted the emergency services don’t. According to his declaration, Kevin L. namely, the promise that he himself would tell you. The jodelaar was temporarily locked up for negligence, but was soon afterward released.

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