Lisa Li, a Chinese blogger and 1.1 million followers on social media a lot of criticism. A lot of it, you know, but to her landlord about her and it showed. Even though they’re her own pictures, apparently luxeleven results, it showed the owner of the apartment really is.

The images that he finds online, set, went quickly viral. The contrast between what is Lisa Li and her followers on a blog site Sina Weibo all the time and it showed, could not be greater. In the pictures you can see how the flats in the northern city of Xi’an, a deposit of, waste, moldy food, and excrement from a dog.

Photos: Pearl Video
, The owner, mrs. Chen, from the Chinese media, was very angry with her tenant when she is in a series of phone calls not answered. Lisa Li had a string of unpaid bills, and ms. Chen, wanted to be that éindelijk paid to see it. When there is no response came, it was mrs Chen that she has no other choice than to have the police contact you about the damage done to their property. Even the professional cleaners were refused, the place is clean.

Photos: Pearl Video
Then, the images of the whole of China rondgingen up with Lisa Li, suddenly still. She excused herself from her owner: “The full responsibility lies with me,” she said. Elsewhere, she explained her absence due to her busy schedule, a business trip or hospitalization. “You know, I will now clean up,” said the woman.

The images have to do a lot of damage caused to the business by Lisa Li. A lot of fans reacted in a very offended by the video, saying that she no longer would have to follow.
Lisa Li, and its owner put it on. Photo: Pearl Video < / P>

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