The Coalition for the Future of Sport in Quebec (CASQ) “expected better” from the provincial government’s 2023-2024 budget.

In a press release released on Wednesday, the CASQ first acknowledged having been “heard”.

Nevertheless, in view of her demands, she expected the budget to place more emphasis on accessibility, quality of experience and promotion.

According to the budget, the investment of the Coalition avenir Québec for the sports community represents $88.4 million. However, the CASQ assesses the community’s needs at $500 million.

According to the CASQ, “the injection of 72.7 million by 2027-2028 to increase the practice of sport, physical activity and leisure and improve accessibility is significant. She believes, however, that this will be insufficient to “allow for a meaningful increase.”

Nevertheless, the CASQ “welcomes the investment of 13 million which will be devoted to strengthening the protection of the integrity of participants in sport. »

The partners united within the CASQ are SPORTSQUÉBEC, the Association québécoise du loisirs municipal (AQLM), the Institut national du sport du Québec (INS Québec), the Regroupement du loisirs et du sport du Québec (RLSQ), the Réseau regional leisure and sports units of Quebec (URLS), as well as the Pôle sports HEC Montréal.