Honor for “Captain Tom” – a British fundraiser for knights of The 100-beaten-year-old world war II veteran Tom Moore has turned hundreds of laps with his Walker in his garden, and so around £ 30 million for the health personnel collected. Now, a rare honor given to him. 8 Kommentare8″The first two laps were a bit tiring,” commented Captain Tom Moore for his charity run with a dry sense of Humor.Video: Tamedia

The 100-year-old British war veteran Tom Moore, who has set up his charity run at the Walker set a world record, is knighted. Moore had inspired with his action, the whole country, said Prime Minister Boris Johnson in London. He had made the country a “beacon in the fog of the Coronavirus”.

Moore thanked on Wednesday in a knightly fashion. “I am absolutely overwhelmed. Not a single Moment I can imagine, to get such a great honor,” he said. He thanked the 94-year-old Queen Elizabeth II, Johnson and the British people. “I remain in your service,” wrote the Senior on Twitter.

He did not know yet who he’ll invite to the ceremony, said Moore in an interview with the BBC on Wednesday morning. “It is likely that many people will want to come. I’m going to have to Tickets issued,” he said jokingly. He was pleased, nevertheless, very important: “I hope the Queen is too rough with the sword.”

Out of 1000 were 33 million pounds

Moore had Begun with a call for donations for 1000 pounds. He wanted this before his 100. Birthday 100 laps with his Walker in his house in Marston Moretaine (Bedfordshire) along March, promised Moore at the time.

But the donations stopped flowing – after all, 33 million pounds (approximately 39 million Swiss francs) came together almost. Moore created a new Guinness world record for the highest sum, which met at a charity run.


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