The successful text messaging campaign in no time, with 1.9 million collected for the sick, to the Pia, which is a Walloon family is great, and the cost of hunting for it. They have a son, fourteen years of age sent to unsuspecting 722 text messages. “It’s well-meaning, but that is another story, however, is more than 1400 euro,” complains his mother.

“He did it with the best of intentions, and thought to myself: “the more text messages I send, the better for the Future. However, he did not realize that each and every sms that you send him the two euros it cost,” says Corinne, the mother of the young man. “I have a message is sent and received directly from my operator a message that the sms payment was made.” According to Corinne offers her son as a warning not given: “on the Contrary, he has received the following, each message is a message, that the sms was free of charge. He didn’t realize that the text he was given to the confirmation of the charged-for sms messages was free of charge. And now, here I sit with a bill of more than 1,400 euros. I like people who are in need of help, but then of course, within my financial capabilities. Actually, I think that children in this type of action should be allowed to participate in it.”

as Corinne took over in the meantime, contact the School. “The operator was letting me know that he made the payment, you could not stop it, and the amount can’t be refund. I am now going to address to the Ombudsman for telecommunications.” In the meantime, the number of Corinnes son, is also closed. “My son suffers from dyspraxia, a coördinatieziekte, and can’t live without their mobile phone. But the Orange requires, first, a fee of 250 € before the number to activate it.” The father of one of the “generous donor” has in the meantime filed a complaint with the telecomwaakhond INSTITUTE.
More about the Baby’s Movements, text-work on Cars to know overwhelming success, with almost entire amount has already been within the Mother and baby’s Movements, Maybe you need someone who will be able to feel that the minister of Health to be” Maggie’s is a Block over the duration of medicine for the baby, Pia: “The price has been paid for, and was accepted. We are no longer relevant,” Maggie De Block explains why they do not send sms for the baby, Pia is sent to