the Belgian car drivers (37) and it came Sunday night in a car accident in the Austrian inn valley motorway, at the close of the day. In the car with a Belgian license plate was an as-yet-unknown reason, been in contact with another vehicle and caught on fire. One person survived the accident and is not. The passenger, a Belgian national, was close to the flames to escape.

The driver, who is in the second lane over, and began suddenly to apply the brakes. The vehicle turned on its own axis, hit the guardrail and caught on fire. The 37-year-old driver has been surrounded by the fire, and survived the incident. Passengers will be able, with the help of the other board members narrowly escaped. The passenger was taken to the hospital.

The Public Prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation and took the vehicle into space. The highway was a two-hour-long closed to all traffic.

Photos: to ZOOM.TIROL Picture: ZOOM, the netherlands.The TIROL is More about Austria and the Austrian couple, you order the clothes, and receives a load of drugs-Austria, destroys the glacier, to ski, to extending in the Austrian parliament to oppose the EU agreement with Brazil, due to the forest fires in Tyrol extends the ban on driving in winter season