A Belgian F-16 during an exercise, crashed in france, Pluvigner, in the western part of the country. Report of French media. One pilot is a person who, with his parachute still attached to a high voltage power line were also brought to safety. Both of them were only slightly wounded, according to the ministry of Defence.

The French newspaper, Ouest-France reported the first time that there was a fatality of the cases, however, this turns out not to be correct. The defence, during a press conference, a detailed explanation is given. For as yet unknown reasons, the aircraft at a low altitude (500 m), in the troubled. According to the luchtmachtchef Frederik Vansina was a motorprobleem at the root of the crash. That’s what he stated during a press conference.

The two pilots used their ejector seat. One pilot was safely on the ground, the other one was suspended for a period of time even with a parachute on, a high voltage power line. He has to check into the hospital. “I’ve got them both on the phone and they assured me that they can feel good about themselves. Apart from a few aching muscles, and soon they are delivered. We are hoping to get on tonight to their families, to be able to join”, she said.

as A pilot, it was a period of time, to a high voltage power line. It took me a long time before he was freed. And so it was that the power will be turned off. (Photo: PHOTOPQR/OUEST FRANCE/MAXPPP

The crash took place during a navigation exercise as part of an annual test in which all of the Belgian gevechtspiloten should be treated. As a pilot, he flew with an instructor who took the test fell. It’s going to be a device of a base in Florennes in Namur, and was on his way to paris you can choose from. “The flight lasted one hour and eight minutes up to the crash”, she said. In accordance with the luchtmachtchef is going to have a phone in 1983, and they had the technicians in the base of the unit, ready to fly, explained.

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The plane was fifty feet away from a home and crashed, and the property has not been touched. The residents of the house would be moved to. “My wife was in the house,” said Patrick Kauffer at the French newspaper, Le Télégramme. “Suddenly, she heard a huge explosion, followed by a second one. She was running around the garden, and saw the burning wreckage of the aircraft lying around.”

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Previous crashes

the accident with the F-16 in the western part of France, it is not the first incident of a Belgian F-16 since the us is the country in 1979, it is currently performed by use of the app. Only rarely did the pilot survive that. An overview:

*12/03/1981: a Pilot is killed in crash of F-16 in Ville-du-Bois.

Due to a technical malfunction crash of an F-16 in Ville-du-Bois, near Vielsalm in the belgian province of Luxembourg. The pilot is killed.

* 19/01/1982: a Pilot is killed in a collision between two F-16s on top of Wavreille.

the Two F-16’s collide with each other over Wavreille, near Rochefort, in the province of Namur. The lieutenant-colonel of the one plane to control, it can be seat use, and to survive the accident, but the captain of the other unit to live in.

* 19/09/1984: F-16 crash at Helchteren – two of the deaths.

In a oefenvlucht crash of a Belgian F-16’s, in the province of Helchteren. The two passengers, a captain and a lieutenant, will come to life.

* 29/04/1985: a Pilot is killed in crash of F-16’s in Court-Saint-Etienne.

On the way to a oefenvlucht at the lower level becomes an F-16 of course. The unit collapses down into a Court-Saint-Etienne, Walloon-Brabant (netherlands). The pilot is killed.

* 10/10/1986: a Pilot is killed in crash of F-16’s in Bourseigne-la-Vieille.

The F-16 hit the ground in a oefenvlucht on the lower level in Bourseigne-la-Vieille, near Gedinne in Namur province. The aircraft crashes, the occupants, lieutenant, comes to life.

* 14/09/1987: Crash of an F-16 during night-time oefenvlucht – pilot is for).

as the captain observes, during a night-time oefenvlucht the top at Kleine Brogel is a problem for the F-16. He will get the council seat, but will try to take his unit to save the day. Just above the ground, it loses its pilot, however, the control of the F-16. He crashes and is killed.

* 19/09/1987: a Collision between two F-16’s, near Limoges, Belgium and the pilot will come to be.

Two Belgian F-16’s collide with each other somewhat to the southwest of French Limoges porcelain. The captain, in one of the plane might make an emergency landing, but the phone crashes, the occupant’s lieutenant is killed.

* 05/09/1989: Bike crash and with the Belgian F-16’s in Norway.

Stunned, widely, on the basis of the Norwegian Oerland, in which the 2nd Tactical Wing of Florennes is participating in a NATO training exercise. The Walloon bike ride with the Belgian F-16 for the runway, and rises at the turn. 8 km further, crashes on a farm, and he has come to be. The Belgian army is going to take it out to the mechanic that seems to be under the influence of alcohol, had acted in a fit of zinsverbijstering, or committed suicide.

* 18/10/1989: Two Belgian F-16’s collide with each other over Turkey, 2 dead.

the Two F-16’s from the Belgian army to clash with one another at a oefenvlucht top of the Turkey. The two devices are likely to crash against a mountain, near the village of Kirkagac, about 30 miles from the base of Balikesir. The two pilots, a captain and a commander, to come to life.

* 23/03/1999: In the crash of an F-16 in Hamois is a pilot for the living.

at About 21.20 hours to make a F-16, the 2nd Tactical Wing of Florennes, during a oefenvlucht down in a field in the village of Hamois, close to Ciney, province of Namur. The captain of the unit is remote controlled, comes up with the crash in their lives.

* 24/04/2002: in Collision with the Belgian F-16’s: two are dead.

A Belgian F-16 during a oefenvlucht in the Netherlands Sellingen in a collision with an ULTRALIGHT aircraft. Both of the devices is a deposit showing up. The two persons who it is currently performed by a captain and co-pilot can have their seat, but the parachute of the co-pilot doesn’t work, and he has come to be, as the occupant of the ULTRALIGHT aircraft.

* 09/12/2003: Collision, near Marche-en-Famenne, two F-16’s: one pilot dies.

finally, at Around 11: 35 am, clash in the area of Havelange and two Belgian F-16’s taking part in a simulation exercise with the ground. A pilot can save himself by his ejection seat to use. The other, however, it is life…. The cause of the accident is still unknown.

* 09/09/2005: the Belgian F-16 crashes in the vicinity of the wadden sea Island of Vlieland).

An F-16 fighter aircraft of the Belgian air force, crashes into the sea near the Dutch Island of Vlieland. The 33-year-old pilot is killed. It was earlier in the morning from the air force base of Florennes, along with three other F-16’s left, in the context of the exercise.

* 16/08/2012: F-16 crashes at Kleine-Brogel air base.

A Belgian F-16 crashes at Kleine-Brogel air base, after you have a bird in the engine of the unit in place. The 24-year-old pilot was able to sit with the seat to save it and landed with a parachute in a tree. He was virtually unscathed. The aircraft caught fire and was completely destroyed.

* 11/10/2018, F-16 lights based on the FLorennes

At the airbase of Florennes is now a F-16, and a second device is damaged. Two of the engineers running damage on it. According to some sources, it would be for a technician to accidentally oefenmunitie to have been fired from any other aircraft.