The omnipresence of orange cones in Montreal caught the attention of none other than American singer AJ McLean, member of the group Backstreet Boys (you know, the one who always wears sunglasses?).

In a video posted Thursday on Instagram, AJ McLean explains that he is in Montreal to promote season three of The Fashion Hero, a reality TV show that he hosts and which focuses on fashion. And he confesses to having “noticed something” in the Quebec metropolis.

“You have a serious problem with these orange cones. There are orange cones everywhere,” he says, standing in front of a fence and two visibly amused employees. “And because of that, I’m going to run for mayor of Montreal in 2024-2025,” he jokes. AJ as mayor! And my first duty will be to get rid of the orange cones. We’re going to make pink cones, and there will be a lot fewer of them. »