The team of the show Ça retour au poste, from Montreal radio Énergie 94.3, was obviously the victim of a hoax this Wednesday in believing that they were interviewing Gene Simmons, bassist and founder of the legendary group Kiss.

Visibly in a bad mood, the one that the animators Marie-Claude Savard, Sébastien Trudel and Mario Tessier believed to be Mr. Simmons answered the questions of the trio with contempt, clearly uncomfortable with the unpleasant attitude of the alleged musician.

In a Twitter post on Thursday, the real Gene Simmons said he hadn’t done an interview with Canadian media the day before: “Hello guys. Just a friendly little note. There is a French interview supposedly done by me in Canada. It’s clearly not me. And incidentally, I don’t speak French.”

The three hosts also confirmed this Thursday at the start of the program that they were convinced that they were talking with the real Gene Simmons. In short, Sébastien Trudel, recognized for his hoaxes at the time when he collaborated within the Masked Justices, would therefore have been deceived himself. Could it be “April Fool’s Day” a few days before the hour? Unable to know more at this time.

Kiss will be in Quebec and Montreal on November 18 and 19 as part of their The End of the Road Tour.