at Least nine civilians, among whom a prominent politician, and his Saturday as “executed” in Syria, by Syrian rebels who will participate in the actions of Ankara against the Kurdish forces. It reports the Syrian Observatory for human Rights.

“nine citizens, which were at various times prisoners were executed in the southern part of the border town of Tal Abyad,” said the latter. It’s going to be under the Old policy Hevrin Khalaf (35), and her chauffeur, both Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Khalaf, was the secretary-general of the Kurdish toekomstbeweging. “When you have an attack of the pro-Turkish rebels, it was Khalaf out of her car, taken out and shot”, it could be that. “A clear proof that the Turkish state in its criminal policy against unarmed civilians is continuing.”

“This is a big loss,” said Mutlu Civiroglu, a scholar of Kurdish politics. “She had a talent for diplomacy, and always took part in the meetings of the United States of america, France, germany, and other foreign delegations.”

on Wednesday, the Turkish military operation in Northern Syria against the Kurdish Volksbeschermingseenheden (YPG) in the area. Ankara sees that soldier as a terrorist organisation, and it wants to be, which is not on the border with Turkey.

According to the Syrian Observatory for human Rights also goes for the number of deaths among the general public since the beginning of the assault on the 38. A further 81 of Kurdish fighters, according to the organization of the life in the clashes.

Ankara has stated that the four soldiers have been killed in Syria, and in which eighteen civilians have died in rocket attacks by Kurds on Turkish border towns. The Turkish ministry of Defence reiterated on several occasions that all of the measures that will be taken to the civilian casualties are to be avoided.
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