8 financial aid to which you are entitled without any means test


Soon new aids! Over the past year, inflation has globally increased the price of all foodstuffs. Thus, for example, gas should have increased by around 105% since October 1, 2021, if the government had not put in place a price shield to help the French.

According to FranceInfo, Emmanuel Macron announced on Wednesday August 24 “the end of abundance and recklessness”. Indeed, France will change direction. And several aids for low-income households should be considered in the coming weeks.

These will not be the only financial aid that the French will receive during this year 2022. The law on emergency measures for the protection of purchasing power, voted on August 16, aims to revalue 4 % of pensions and various allowances, according to Vie-Publique. In addition, according to Capital, an exceptional bonus of 100 euros will be paid from September 15 to 11 million households, considered “fragile”.

A 2016 parliamentary information report indicated that 36% of those affected by the active solidarity income do not benefit from it, reports Capital. This document is based on data from the National RSA Evaluation Committee.

It seems to reveal that the French are not very well informed about the financial aid available to them. To remedy this, Planet presents the slideshow below which indicates the various State supports which are without means test, according to Tout sur mes finances.com.