Thomas Gottschalk – Forever thommy none celebrated the Saturday mass of entertainment television, such as Thomas Gottschalk. Now he is 70 and is still so, as we know him from the telly.To connect with Hans Hoff14 Kommentare14″The Senseless, the Meaningless, was always my favorite pastime,” says the television presenter Thomas Gottschalk.KEYSTONE

As Thomas Gottschalk on Friday, SWR 3 eve radio was once in a horribly bloated rock music played from leather behosten blow-dried hairstyles from the eighties, there was this inevitable standard sigh of the once most famous show blonde German television. To said, “my times,” Gottschalk, and because with sound then again, how much he feels for these times like. He is not here yet, played the media as been around longer, but his world is not the same somehow.

Today, he warns the public that the desire of TV producers, looking for their luck online, lead astray. Since he is revealed as a back-channel in analog TV live-days. He was big, there was the Digital only as a marginal aspect. Now the Digital is big, and he said shame sentences that begin with “my times”.

When he is on this Monday the 70. Birthday must celebrate, then he is still not old. Old others are. Or assigned. Or dead. Gottschalk is still there, still. He clings to the desire to him once the Bob Dylan Song “Forever Young” in my ear continued. “May you build a ladder to the stars, every level of climb and stay young forever”, has sung the Nobel laureate, and the eternal Boy from Kulmbach has held up. He has built the circuit, and he was already at the top. That he can climb now, somewhere in the midfield, as a gift. “Forever Young” is also on the cover of his memories with the title “the Fall” but with a question mark. But the question mark should not take it seriously, this is nothing as a preventive coquetry.

The art of character is Thomas Gottschalk, one searches in vain

If the representatives of the media enjoyed time, hit the sun with a successful career in the spotlight, then it is often a matter to discover the people behind the public art figure, to show who this guy really is. With Thomas Gottschalk, the forlorn hope, because in the real life as well, as we know him from the telly. The man is not adjusted. You have seen it very often, and therefore it is not surprising, as he answers an interview request after ten minutes with a lax cancellation. “Formulation-free of the liver”, emailed it, to slides, but then another request: “It would be nice if I would survive the Text. I have, in spite of Corona still Fun on the dance floor!”

You guessed, there’s always something, you know, get hit by him at least. As you thought, that he brings a as correctly, to dackelte to him for a while and registered, how people out there react to him. Look, you stop, you yell, “Thooooomas Gottschalk”. Then he remains in the rule, and if it is somehow possible, then everyone gets a reminder. Earlier, the autographs were, now it is Selfies.

Even hardened rednecks crowd to him and want the photo, and it was only to impress the grandma. You know, the grandma likes the Tommy that Mama like the Thommy. Not for what he is doing today, but for what he represents. On his way Gottschalk is a media flux capacitor, which opened the way to Yesterday, in those days, because the family is crouched on a Saturday together on the Couch and “Wetten, dass..?” looked. The dad had a lot of Fun to the excavators, the mom of the moderator fashionable excesses, and the children were waiting for “Take That”.

No one mastered the art, to celebrate the Saturday mass of entertainment television, such as Gottschalk. Since it does not hurt that his last Start was eight and a half years that he has tried on TV since then, infinite, and an infinite number of times has failed, that his mill in Malibu burned down, and his marriage in the fractures went. Gottschalk remains of the “Wetten, dass..?”, a strange kind of almost asexual Monument of a bygone era.

In the fall, he should “Wetten, dass..?”, once again, moderate, quasi-in memory of himself. Meanwhile, the shipment is postponed because of the Corona-crisis in the coming year. It is foreseeable, however, that you will accuse him, even his eternal Gestrigkeit that then the accusations come, it is interesting to little for his guests, and so on. Also, the criticism of him has become so predictable as to be under the Good-mood-dress hidden self-pity.

But that does not mean that for him to stop. As long as he works on the road, he is going. Only if no-one comes and a Selfie with him, only then will the public Gottschalk collapses, only then the end of the career.

In the “Handelsblatt”, he spoke recently about his retirement

The fight against the ageing of the population he has as his last big challenge defined. What would remain to him otherwise, of objectives? He did it to a great extent, the Motto of his Opera hero Papageno from “the magic flute” to life, he writes: “Always funny, heissa hopsassa.”

He sat next to Dieter Bohlen in the “super talent”Jury, he had an early Late Show, even a literature shipment, it is him. On Twitter, he was on the road and was pleased at the attention that was given to him. Until he noticed that the compulsion of the medium of Delivery and more Private manifestation, as an annoying Paparazzi ever would have been able to investigate.

Meanwhile, Gottschalk is at least actuarially in the rest. He get 915,79 Euro pension, he revealed recently to the “Handelsblatt”, which is, however, no reason to take it into account in the ongoing pension debates. Financially he’ll be fine. The long-ZDF-years have brought less than he occasionally was sealed, but the advertising contracts were lucrative. “I’ve been campaigning for things that brought my account balance is more than the people who bought you,” he writes. In the meantime, he advertises for hearing AIDS. The answer, whether he needs to really, he makes a charming bow. Also, there is a suitable quotation from his pen. “Who would like to spread I always in a good mood, you have to really change.”

he is Currently flunkert prefer to on the Radio. Because his new wife lives in Baden-Baden, moderates, he will now stop at the SWR. There, you may need to see its importance is not overrated. To connect to “the Senseless, the Meaningless, was always my favorite pastime,” he says. You would be able to think fast.

Also in television, he has decent success. At RTL, he is part of a hilarious nonsense show called “that’s Because you don’t know what happened,” together with a buddy Günther Jauch and Barbara schöneberger. When the show recently reached over 3.3 million viewers, rejoiced in the transmitter. As a reminder: at the beginning of the nineties, Gottschalk managed to single-handedly more than 20 million. But that was from his point of view, Yes, also “my time”.

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