Almost any collection can make money. Many, in fact, are enthusiasts ready to spend thousands and cents to get their hands on one of the precious copies which, at home, is missing. Thus, some rare comics sometimes trade for several thousand dollars, if not more. In other cases, it is the stamps that are snapped up at a high price. Without forgetting, of course, coins or old children’s toys… In theory, the garage sale can therefore represent an opportunity for a windfall, as explained by Planet.

Recently, other pleasures dear to young people who have become adults are selling particularly well, informs the Journal du Geek on its site. These are Disney VHS tapes, some models of which can sometimes pay very big bucks. This is why it seems smart not to abandon your old collection of cassettes like that, confirms Allociné. However, if you hope to get the highest price, it is obviously advisable to offer for sale a product in good condition, ideally still in its original packaging or even still sealed.

Therefore, if you were one of those moviegoers who watched and re-watched their favorite VHS over and over again, it seems unlikely that you will be able to get the maximum price.

In fact, continue our colleagues, a special collection of VHS brings in much more than all the others. This is the “Black Diamond” edition. These particular tapes were released by Disney between 1984 and 1993 and cover most of the films produced and released at that time. On average, they were marketed between 100 and 200 francs each. Concretely, this represents 20 to 40 euros per piece today.

These are the models that are selling the most expensive today. More information on this subject in our slideshow that you will find below.