7 items to buy now to sell for more later


It’s no secret that times are tough. The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (Insee) confirmed the increase in inflation to 6.1% over one year in July 2022. “The prices of services are accelerating (1.3% after 0.3 %), in connection with the prices of “other services” (1.4% after 0.2%) and in particular accommodation services (16.4% after 4.6%), as well as those of transport (11.7% after 3.4%). Food prices are also accelerating, to a lesser extent (1.0% after 0.8%)”, lists the public agency.

Faced with such difficulties, French consumers are tightening their belts… And redouble their imagination to make ends meet. Among the main tricks, the purchase-resale: a technique which consists in recovering objects at low prices, even for free, and reselling them to the right people such as collectors, but not only. In our slideshow, discover seven types of objects that lend themselves particularly well to this exercise… And can bring you big profits.

The first place is the simplest: at home! Search your childhood room, your garage, your attic or your drawers: they necessarily hide treasures that you did not even remember the existence. Then, do not hesitate to go around the garage sales, flea markets and flea markets in search of the rare pearl. Second-hand stores are also very good candidates, such as resale sites between individuals or even social networks. Just have a look!