7 good news that will make you smile this week


We have to face the facts: summer, or at least the summer holidays, are soon coming to an end. And at the end of August, there will be many reasons to be depressed: return to work or school, rising inflation, ambient grayness, shorter days and threat of a new wave of Covid-19… Could French morale plunge? any further ?

Last July, the level of household confidence had already plunged by two additional points, to 80%, according to INSEE. The balance of opinion of respondents on their financial situation has also lost two points compared to the month of the month: they are increasingly pessimistic.

However, summer is generally conducive to lighter moods… But in 2022, it must be said that the climate is particularly anxiety-provoking, and that the news, since the start of the year, has been far from encouraging.

But it is not yet time to give in to seasonal depression! Enjoy your last days of summer by reading these 7 light and positive news gleaned by Planet in the slideshow below. Smile guaranteed!

If our morale is generally in good shape during sunny days, it would be easy to think that, in the same way, we are in a better mood on weekends… Well, not necessarily, according to a study carried out by German researchers between 1994 and 2010, reports Médiste.

The latter, by questioning over the long term more than 250,000 subjects, determined that “the most depressing days are Saturday and Sunday, with a gloom that is most felt on this last day of the week”, specifies the site.

Curious detail: it would seem that the degree of depression is linked to the degree of study of individuals. The more educated someone is, the more likely they are to be depressed on Saturday and Sunday. Those with a lighter level of education, on the other hand, more often experience a drop in morale at the end of the month.