6 tips to tell if food is expired


Despite all our efforts to avoid spoiling food, it happens that certain products are forgotten in the fridge for a while. So much so that we no longer know if they are still consumable or not.

There are several ways to be sure, but the first thing to look at is probably the expiry date, which gives a quick answer on the freshness of the food in question. However, there are several types of date and it is important to be able to differentiate them to know if a product can be consumed.

Indeed, depending on the type of product (meat, pasta or cheese for example), the acronym indicating this date may change, as well as its meaning.

In France, there are mainly two types of expiry dates indicated on products according to their nature:

However, no best before date is indicated on some products. Likewise, it is not common to keep the packaging of your leftovers. Fortunately, Selection recalls that there are signs that identify whether a product can still be consumed.