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We all agree that a morning workout can make us feel a thousand times better. You feel active and productive throughout the day, and the best thing is that you try to eat healthily and focus better on your work.

Due to work at the home situation during the ongoing pandemic, it is now becoming quite challenging to go out and work.

Gym and workout stations are a hotbed for coronavirus germs, and this is one of the main reasons more people are trying to opt for a good and easy workout routine.

Working out doesn’t always mean the use of equipment or a lot of planning; sometimes, all you need is the right workout outfit, and this can motivate you to work out as well.

In case you are still questioning yourself, you should figure out a fun and easy way to work out that will help you burn some calories without feeling fatigued.

Most of us are not familiar with good workouts, and we don’t have enough time to exercise. All these things are making everyone lazy and lethargic.

According to a recent report, it has been estimated that more than 50% of the population has gained weight during the lockdown and pandemic situation whereas, 70% of people are reporting that they feel their productivity has decreased over time.

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All these things have collectively made it quite essential for everyone to design an easy workout routine according to their ease.

In case you don’t have time, there are a lot of ways you can burn calories and work out even without any equipment or a formal workout routine.

There are many ways you can burn fats without investing in any kind of equipment. All you need is a good activewear, and you will feel motivated to work out.

For someone trying to figure out various fun and easy ways to burn calories, here are some options that are specialized for beginners and have proved to be ideal for everyone staying at home.


If you are looking for a fun way to lose weight and stay healthy, pump up the volume of your favorite record and dance like no one is watching. There are actual dance classes that are offered by the gym and workout stations where they let you dance to upbeat music, and you burn a lot of calories.

This is an extremely fun way to work out, and in case you have kids, now is an excellent time to have a joint family dance-off session.

This can become your new favorite hobby with your family, and it is a perfect workout routine.

Climb Stairs

Climbing stairs is a great exercise; rather than taking the lift, all you need to do is just take the stairs. Amidst the pandemic, people are now avoiding lifts because you need to press the button, and these buttons are a hotbed for germs.

To make this whole process completely contactless, you can switch to stairs, and this will help you stretch, build stamina, and stay safe from the virus as well.


Yoga is a great way to calm yourself down, and if you are struggling with depression and sadness during the ongoing pandemic, yoga can help you with all these things. It will not only help you gain your muscular strength back but also help you with gaining back the lost flexibility in your body.

Commercial Break Workout

If you are too lazy to work out, this is an ideal way to exercises for you. All you need to do is pick one exercise and set an aim. If you want to reduce the gut, you can pick an abs workout, or if you want a better butt, you can opt for a good butt exercise.

As you watch the TV, you can simply start exercising when you see a commercial.

In case you want to perform an abs workout, begin with planks and see if you can do a plank every time there is a commercial.

Usually, an average commercial break is 3-5 minutes long, and if you start a plank, this can help you with a good workout.


Just like dance, Zumba is another great way to burn some much-needed calories. According to most instructors, if you know how to warm up and stretch, you can burn around 600 calories on average.

If you don’t know so much about Zumba, you can start with a simple workout video that you can find on YouTube and just follow the lead.