Every college student should has a unique reading list based on the course he or she is studying. However, their expectations of school and life are similar. These experiences have been captured in excellent books that every college student should read before completion.

An apparently overloaded curriculum will deny you a chance to look beyond the recommended reading list. However, failure to read books beyond the list will limit your vocabulary. You will also only stick to a singular area of knowledge that may affect your professional prospects. Hire expert homework helpers at paymyessaywriter.com to free some time while in college in order to find time to read some of these amazing books.

  1. The Other Side of Paradise

College years are considered a real paradise. Parents and guardians are providing all you need to survive. You are also at liberty to control your schedule. The liberty also allows you to choose courses, classes, friends, assignments, and more about life? But how long will this life last?

The Other Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a classic novel about what befalls this Princeton student upon graduation. The hopes and aspirations do not turn out as was expected. The disillusionment is disheartening. It is time to rediscover yourself and begin a new journey. The story tells a lot about the fate of so many students after college. It is a wakeup call for students to think beyond college years.

  • Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

College presents excellent opportunities for people to meet and build relationships. In fact, a lot of people have formed memorable relationships that have lasted beyond graduation. However, the question is the amount of friendship left in their love. By the way, which one should remain after the other has been depleted?

Jonathan Franzen tells the story of a love triangle of two subjects that first met in college. They have to choose between love and friendship, a difficult choice to make. It is strange to imagine that one will cause the death of the other. Maybe you have a different idea about relationships in college?

  • 1984 by Orwell

1984 is one of the must read books for futuristic minds. It was published as a futuristic book back in 1949. George Orwell remains one of the writing pillars of his generation and all time. The book tries to predict what would happen in a future that is totalitarian. The prediction was that the world would be divided into three states. A world under total control, one devoid of human values, and another trying to live through the hatred ruling the world. The challenge is for the students to challenge the system in order to build a better world. You may read to confirm whether George was accurate in his prediction.

  • The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho embarks on a journey of unlocking the potential of every reader. The mantra is that you can become anything you set your eyes on as long as you are not intimidated by the world. Listen to your heart, recognize opportunities, and never stop dreaming.

  • The Grapes of Wrath

The book is written by John Steinbeck about the power of courage, resilience, love, and friendship. It is a story of a farmer in Oklahoma whose family is sent out of home by the ravages of the Great Depression. He has to start life a fresh in California. While the movement might not be as the family made, each student will have to make his own unique journey in life.

The years spent in college offer incredible opportunities to read amazing books. Whether as part of your reading list or for entertainment, these titles will transform your life. It is interesting to see the ideas of these authors transforming the lives of college students.