Surrogacy in Ukraine – 46 infants waiting for your ElternIn the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev, these babies are waiting to be by their parents to be picked up. This may not currently enter the country but in the country.18 Kommentare18Die infants are in the Hotel Venice in Kiev. There they are supervised around the clock.Video: Tamedia

In Ukraine can not be picked up in 46 newborns because of blocked borders, due to the Corona pandemic from their foreign parents. The babies were discharged, all of the surrogate mothers. In contrast to many other countries, is allowed in the Ukraine surrogacy. The country is therefore considered a European centre for artificial insemination and surrogacy.

The Ukrainian company Biotexcom has now released video footage showing that the babies are well cared for while they wait for their parents. In addition, you want to exert pressure on the government, so that these parents can enter. Not all like what the company makes. Human rights activists criticize the surrogacy, as this is trading people.


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