the Studio 100, has been for 650,000 tickets were sold for the spektakelmusical ‘40-’45, a new all-time record, according to the organization. The first to say, Gert Verhulst, that they were going to the cape for a half-a-million, but now reduced them to the new destination within a short period of time.

Gert Verhulst in the e stands for ‘14-’18 as in ‘40-’45 for a one-off spectacle for sure. Photo: George Herregods

as of Or for 650,000 tickets is really so remarkable? Yes, absolutely. By its predecessor, ‘14-’18 led Studio 100 is just short of 335.000 visitors to the show, something that was unusual it was. Now that the show is about the brother Wand, and Louis during the Second world War, almost double the number of people.

the wind

After the summer break, there is new life blown into it in the spektakelmusical ‘40-45’, with new ideas and new faces.

in this way, Nathalie Meskens, Clara Cleymans, Laura Tesoro, the company of the actress, Daphne Wellens (31), who alternately played the role of Sarah Liebman – for the love of Jonas Van Geels the character will play. Wellens has been a familiar face at the Studio 100: play all of them in clips from ” Samson & Gert, and playing a role in addition to Jelle Cleymans in the Spring. It was shown in the VTM-series are Spitsbroers.

you should Also be noted that in the “Home” -to the actor of Hans De Munter (66) and added to the hoofdcast. He has to share now is the role of the verzetsleider Leon, Jo De Meyere, and Herbert Flack. The young of the House Of Honsté will alternate with the Line-Ellegiers the role of maria De Bruycker in them. 40-45 to be sold in total to 650,000 tickets, and will run until may 17, 2020.

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