After the gas explosion in a Russian apartment building with almost 40 dead, the search for the trigger of the disaster continues. It is still unclear whether the building in Magnitogorsk in the Urals, all safety rules were adhered to. In may 2018 and a comprehensive control in the construction from the Soviet era, was confirmed by the Gasbetreiber the Region, according to the Agency Tass on Thursday.

in The evening (local time) and drew rescue workers to the body of a woman from the rubble, as Russian media reported, citing civil protection. So 39 people were according to the authorities, his life in the accident.

Previously been still further Missing the speech. The civil protection competent Vice-Minister Alexander Tschuprijan, but said on Thursday that there is no more people are now under the rubble. “The work is completed.” However, the rescue forces are still involved in the search for domestic animals.

The Russian authorities in the cause of research as a priority of a gas leak or a broken pipe. Rumors about an alleged terrorist attack, the government investigation Committee met.

the Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin, who had visited the site of the accident on new year’s eve, called for a thorough investigation and securing of the neighboring houses. “Even the slightest doubt as (to the safety of the building) must be dispersed,” he said in front of city representatives and use of ladders.