Jenn (31) went to a Taylor Swift concert – she was 38 weeks pregnant. Then, during the show, she got a shock: the 31-year-old went into labor.

Jenn Gutierrez (31) flew from Canberra, Australia, to Melbourne especially for a Taylor Swift concert. The woman, who went to the show with her husband and sister, was 38 weeks pregnant. This is what the “New York Post” writes, citing information from SWNS. However, the contractions began during the concert – now the 31-year-old is reporting on her extraordinary experience.

Despite her pregnancy, Jenn was sure she wanted to see Taylor Swift. If she hadn’t been allowed to fly, she would have driven eight hours.

Then, in the middle of the concert, which took place in February, came the shock: Jenn went into labor. But that was no reason for the 31-year-old to leave. She thought: “I’m not going anywhere. If the baby is coming, it’s coming out now,” she is quoted as saying by the “New York Post”.

When the show was over, the woman had difficulty standing and walking. She felt that the baby was on its way out. “Imagine standing for three hours with a bowling ball between your legs,” she said, according to the New York Post. Back at the hotel, the contractions became easier again. A few days later, the girl was born. Jenn also revealed the first song her baby heard: Fearless by Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift is known for her loyal fans. She also became a billionaire in October 2023, Forbes reports. She is said to have earned a fortune of $600 million from royalties and tours. Her music catalog is estimated to be worth $600 million. She is said to have another $125 million in real estate, according to Forbes.

Taylor Swift is currently ranked 2545th on the list of the richest people in the world. The top three places are occupied by Bernard Arnault and family, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

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