3:1 in Stuttgart, Germany: Schalke breathes on


    It was a duel of Frustrated from the Bundesliga: VfB Stuttgart, in the previous promotion season, still in seventh place and is now in the circle of the relegation candidates, against the as in the Depths of the table-based FC Schalke 04, after the last season of far above as a table, the second greeted. One of them waved at the last first half of the season round after all, the consolation prize for the new year: a victory to kick-start better times in 2019.

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    Roland Zorn

    sports editor.

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    The Christmas gift grabbed the right with three points rewarded Schalke goals from Skrzybski (10. Minute) and Gomez by own goal (70.). You could be the Present not snatch, even though Gonzalez was still able to shorten by a head to the ball to 1:2 (76.). Schalke countered immediately by the a short time before substitute Kutucu (78.) to the 3:1 victory. While Schalke as a table managed three tenth, at least, the jump into the lower-midfield, stuck in the VfB Stuttgart during the winter break on a relegation rank sixteen. A fire-dangerous situation for the mid-January start end of the second round.

    “We have to somehow save us in the break,” had spent the Schalke sporting Director, Christian Heidel, a currency, which seemed more like the courage of despair, because, according to a fresh beginning. On the other hand, Stuttgart coach Markus Weinzierl at the reunion with the club, the Bundesliga team he had coached in the 2016/17 season, with moderate success, had risked, and look ahead for the next time a “common idea” and additions requested, “in order to reach our goal”. At the VfB, you are ready to up to ten million euros for other commitments this Winter, and also the Schalke, buffeted by the week-long violations of the painfully missing attacker Embolo, Uth, Burgstaller and Di Santo will be in January in the reinforcement of your squad invest.

    With a striker, you have achieved the Royal blue before the break maximum effect. Steven Skrzybski, as a self-confessed Schalke Fan, the start of the season from Union Berlin, scored after a fine reverse pass from Oczipka 1:0 for the more aggressive Westphalia. In a Retro-Jersey-runners VfB, however, the half-time whistle from referee Brych of Parts of the Annex booed, had problems with the early start-up, when the opponents and gained only exceptionally, game rooms, in order to ensure itself for danger. So the break was worthy of leadership for the Team of Tedesco, especially since Skzybski can increase to 2:0 (44.). Zieler parried the shot and kept his team in the game.

    To Ralf Fährmann, however, put it all on the game, as he wanted to play after the break and the Ball to Gonzalez in the run served. The Argentine startled but, apparently, to have the empty gate in front of you, curled the Ball against the post (48 in.). Against the now stormy storming Schwaben, Schalke got a Lock on the soap lawn occasions. One of them Skrzybski could have used almost the 2:0, he would not have been disturbed at the last Moment (52.).

    The second goal for the better team then fell to a goal from Mario Gomez, the hit with the shoulder on the wrong side, as he drew Oczipkas corner with the shoulder and into the goal. The hits fit to, once again, screwed up Stuttgart’s Bundesliga in the afternoon. Him Gonzalez’ goal was no longer able to lighten, especially as a little later the Schalke Kutucu restored the old distance back. Three goals and three points as a souvenir from Stuttgart sweetened 04 the anticipation of the Holy night.

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