In three Eastern German States are in this year’s state elections. The surveys in the state of Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia draw for months, the same image of complete uncertainty. What can, however, recognize that In Saxony, the once-powerful CDU has become almost a plaything for the AfD. In Brandenburg, it should be over with the Tradition of the strong SPD Minister-President since 1990. Even less likely that a red-Red-Green and Left-Minister President in Thuringia.

These options fall exactly in the time since the last fall of the GDR is just thirty years back, and anywhere on the riser of that time is remembered by some a peaceful Revolution. How could it come only from the political courage and Pride of the once political uncertainty, even neglect are today? And what is the the three countries as a means for East-Germany?

The East was the object, not the subject

it’s Rare that anyone makes the experience, that the system of the society in which he lives, from one day to the morning breaks, everything changes on a blow up deep in Private. In the East screen have made tens of millions of people this experience, it has you marked for life, the one as the other. The special thing about the DDR was that the time just stopped, because poverty is preserved. The opening of the border was, therefore, as if torn open in a musty apartment with a window. Just a grey deficiency, now shrill Fullness. Still a dictatorship, now freedom. Still cautious silence, now loud chatter. To fail even the experience of everyday life,, now the Western certainty that everything would be successful, if you wanted to. But what is also yet to secure work, now crippling unemployment was:.

all This was enough actually for a living. But the Winds of change blew simply: globalization, the Euro, the digitization, in Brandenburg and Saxony now the end of the brown coal. That the turmoil that caused all of this, were not dangerous for society, has to do with the German unit was organized with a lot of money. Money from the West, if you will, of a still intact world. Misunderstandings were not able to because of lack. One that continues to resonate today, relates to Saxony: The CDU under Kurt Biedenkopf did not want to bother the Saxons in politics, politics was discredited by the past, now the CDU would take care of everything. It was similar in Brandenburg under Manfred Stolpe. The East was so sedated that initial spark to materialize, If we get DDR, then we create it, from the ruins rise again. It is a kind of self-made “economic miracle”, entrepreneurship in all respects lacked, politically, economically, spiritually. The East has not been the subject of object.

This is still true today. Currently, this is a debate that has, of all things, encounter an East German, the Green, Katrin Göring-Eckardt: There should be a commitment, in the future, new Federal agencies to locate in the East. Christian shepherd, the East Commissioner of the Federal government, such as Goering-Eckardt from Thuringia, but in the CDU, agreed immediately. Shepherd is a young man, for whom the GDR is a bit Distant, which decreases, however, as he is looking hard for a solution, so the mood in the East is the location, which is often enough better than in the West.

Against the bad mood and make your party

but Where only a is chosen (and it was in the case of settlements by the authorities), are of equal validity, and in a bad mood is not far away. Yes, indifference, and in a bad mood, even grow, the better the situation is. The bad mood has, in the meantime, his own party, the AfD. The election results are in the East. This is almost logical. What a vicious circle.