30 percent above the low for the year – SMI climbs back over the 10’000 points-MarkeDie social unrest in the United States and the fear of a second Corona-wave does not seem to be a brake on the markets. The Swiss share prices to draw rapidly.oli/sda1 Kommentar1Erholung of the Corona-crisis? The SMI is 30 per cent above its low for the year.Photo: Ennio Leanza/Keystone

The Swiss stock market, it goes uphill being steep. The benchmark index, the SMI has had on the Wednesday morning now, the brand of 10’000 points again skipped, the he at the beginning of March price.

So it is a good 30 per cent above its low for the year, he was dropped in mid-March in the middle of the Corona-crisis.

The Swiss index of leading shares listed shortly after the market opening, 10’051 points, or 1.0 percent above the closing level from the previous day. Also the other important European trading venues start with a clear Win in the new trading day, after on the eve of the US-stock market, Asian stock markets had risen.

The global turmoil on the stock exchanges in the Wake of the corona crisis had in the current year, the SMI crash. Had the Index is still at 20. February a new all-time high at 11’270 points, so it went in the following weeks, due to the fear of the Corona epidemic steep downhill: On 16. March had corresponded with the Swiss benchmark index will then be low for the year at 7’650 points, a fall of almost a third.

a Little fear of unrest in the USA and Corona

With the strong rise of the year, the investors speak low values of a “bull market”. Apparently, investors were betting that the global effect can be loosely unfold of pandemic measures on the economy, it means in the market. The huge utilities of Central banks and governments do not miss their effect on the stock markets.

warnings of many observers, due to factors such as the conflict of the US with China, the social unrest in the United States and the possibility of a second pandemic wave fizzle out currently. Investors ‘ Confidence also shows in the fact that especially the share of cyclical companies and financial stocks posted strong gains. At the same time weakened the “safe Harbor” applicable Swiss franc against the Euro last clear.

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