2024 Toronto Pro Supershow Results — Akim Williams Claims Victory in Men’s Open Division

The highly anticipated 2024 Toronto Pro Supershow took place in Toronto, Canada, showcasing 10 IFBB Pro League contests with implications for the prestigious 2024 Olympia. Notably, the Fitness division was the only one not featured in this event.

A total of 147 professional athletes competed across all 10 divisions, but the spotlight was on the Men’s Open division, where Akim Williams emerged victorious. The final standings for each division are as follows:

Men’s Open
1. Akim Williams (United States)
2. Quinton Eriya (Canada)
3. John Jewett (United States)
4. Robin Strand (Canada)
5. Tim Budesheim (Germany)
6. Hassan Mostafa (Egypt)
7. Jonarthur Duncan (United States)
8. Volodymyr Byruk (Ukraine)
9. Gianluca Di Lorenzo (Italy)
10. Nathan Spear (United States)
11. Jang Min Lee (South Korea)
12. Prince Boabang (Canada)
13. Ethan Grossman (United States)
14. Brent Swansen (United States)
15. Dan Afan (France)

212 Bodybuilding
1. Giuseppe Christian Zagarella (Italy)
2. Esteban Fuquene (Colombia)
3. Hossein Kalateh (Canada)
4. Marco Sarcone (Italy)
5. Ricardo Correia (Brazil)
6. Cody Drobot (Canada)
7. Francis Allard (Canada)
8. Lucas Garcia (Brazil)
9. Pasquale D’angelo (Italy)
10. Stephen Didoshak (Canada)

Classic Physique
1. Niall Darwen (United Kingdom)
2. Blake Course (Canada)
3. German Pastor (Spain)
4. Andrea Mammoli (Italy)
5. Jimmy Sirard (Canada)
6. Jorge Luis Guerrero Gallegos (Mexico)
7. Bobby Mazzara (United States)
8. Gregory Dawson (Canada)
9. Kenyon Leno (United States)
10. Tony Coke (Canada)

Men’s Physique
1. Drew Cullen (United States)
2. Chevy Phillips (Canada)
3. Kimani Victor (Canada)
4. Tyler Smith (United Kingdom)
5. Mattia Ballarini (Italy)
6. Nicola Maccarini (Italy)
7. Sharif Reid (United States)
8. Eric Neal (United States)
9. Karim Hawash (United States)
10. Kadeem Hillman (United States)

Men’s Wheelchair
1. Kristof Hornos (Hungary)
2. Anand Arnold (India)

Women’s Bodybuilding
1. Ava Melillo (United States)
2. Sheena Ohlig (United States)
3. Nadia Capotosto (Italy)

1. Lena Ramsteiner (Germany)
2. Maggie Watson (Canada)
3. Manon Dutilly (Canada)

1. Maxine Alexandra Somov (Canada)
2. Cassandra De La Rosa (Mexico)
3. Anna Setlak (Italy)

Women’s Physique
1. Tracey Guile (Australia)
2. Olivia Bian (China)
3. Robyn Mays (United States)

1. Alexis Nicole (United States)
2. Carlotta Tonelli (Italy)
3. Celeste Chandler (Canada)

The Men’s Open division winner, Akim Williams, made a triumphant return to the stage, securing his fifth career win and a spot at the 2024 Olympia. Other notable winners included Giuseppe Christian Zagarella in the 212 Bodybuilding category, Niall Darwen in Classic Physique, and Drew Cullen in Men’s Physique.

Stay tuned for more updates and highlights from the 2024 Toronto Pro Supershow!