Like every year, taxpayers are subject to a tax schedule that must be respected. After complicated years where several changes were recorded such as the implementation of withholding tax, the revision of income tax brackets or the elimination of the housing tax, other measures will be adopted during this new year. Here are all the dates to remember for your taxes in 2024.

In 2024, changes will be recorded as part of your taxes. The government therefore wanted to transform the income tax scale applicable to 2023 income to take into account inflation. The thresholds will therefore increase by 4.8%. As our colleagues from Les Echos report, according to Bercy, “this indexation represents a shortfall of 6.1 billion euros for public finances”. According to the Institute of Public Policies (IPP), the French who owe debt will be slightly better off in 2024 since wages have increased more slowly than inflation.

Another consequence of the rise in prices, the property tax will experience a significant increase in 2024. It will therefore increase by at least 3.9%. However, it is the municipalities which will have the final say on the price applied. At the same time, the level of the TICFE (domestic tax on final electricity consumption) could also increase if Bercy chooses to do so, during the year, by decree. To prepare yourself for all of these transformations, discover, in our slideshow, all the dates to remember for your 2024 taxes.