The famous Berlin theater directed by Thomas Ostermeier will arrive at Usine C for the North American premiere of the play History of Violence. The autobiographical text by Frenchman Édouard Louis recounts his meeting with a man of Kabyle origin on Christmas Eve 2012. However, the passion of the first night will quickly turn into a nightmare… In this intimate and political spectacle at the same time, the cameras of The interpreters’ telephones enrich the scenography. For three evenings only.

Austrian choreographer Florentina Holzinger made Angela Konrad fall in love with her provocative works set against a very unapologetic trashy background. His shameless shows have never been presented on this side of the Atlantic. The situation will change. Holzinger will offer three performances of TANZ, a large-scale acrobatic spectacle performed by 12 women ranging in age from their 20s to their 80s. An uncompromising reflection on the history of ballet and the brutality of the choreographic heritage.

Quebec will not be left out with the presentation of works by local creators. The director and multidisciplinary artist Brigitte Poupart takes on the play Anatomy of a Suicide by the British Alice Birch. Philippe Boutin offers the second part of his eccentric project The Rise of the Blingbling. Texts by Laurent Gaudé and Neige Sinno will be the subject of theatrical readings by high-profile casts as part of the FIL. Also to follow: covers of Unarmoured by Clara Furey and The Golden Ratio by Marie Chouinard.