Tesla Unveils Exciting New Features in Latest Software Update

In the latest software update for Tesla vehicles, several exciting new features have been introduced to enhance the driving experience for users worldwide. From improved door functionality to adaptive headlights, the update aims to provide greater safety, convenience, and performance for Tesla owners.

One of the notable updates in the software is the enhancement of the power front door. Now, when approaching the vehicle with Automatic Doors enabled, the driver door can open halfway, adding a touch of convenience to the user experience. To enable this feature, users can simply go to Controls > Locks > Automatic Doors.

Another significant improvement is the adaptation of headlights for curves in the road ahead, providing greater visibility in low lighting conditions. By enabling this feature in the vehicle settings at Lights > Adaptive Headlights, drivers can enjoy enhanced safety and visibility while driving on winding roads.

In terms of autopilot features, Tesla has introduced a new suspension system to ensure maximum safety and accountability. If improper usage is detected, such as inattentiveness or the use of hand-held devices while using Autopilot, the system will be suspended after receiving five “Autopilot Strikeouts”. However, one Strikeout will be forgiven for each 7-day period without any incidents, allowing users to maintain access to the Autopilot features.

Additionally, the software update includes the exciting addition of Beach Buggy Racing 2 – Supercharger Races, where users can compete in special races at local Superchargers to set the fastest lap time on the leaderboard. This feature adds a fun and competitive element to the charging experience for Tesla drivers.

Other improvements in the update include optimizations for hot weather performance, with faster cooling of the cabin and enhanced regulation of the HV Battery temperature for improved Supercharger performance. The update also includes important security fixes and enhancements to ensure the safety and privacy of Tesla owners.

Overall, the latest software update from Tesla brings a range of exciting new features and improvements to enhance the driving experience for users worldwide. From enhanced door functionality to improved performance in hot weather, the update aims to provide a safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable driving experience for Tesla owners.