2023-2024 school calendar: holiday dates by zone


It is he who punctuates the years of French families, who dictates the days of traffic jams on the highway, or who triggers professional conflicts of vacation planning: the famous school calendar. It has continued to evolve since the 19th century: indeed, the very first school holidays lasted a month and a half, and took place from August 15 to October 1. Their raison d’être was the development of the leisure of each…

The first period of school holidays actually corresponded to the hunting season, as reported by our colleagues from franceinfo. Over the years and the gradual democratization of school education, holiday periods have evolved with the profile of the students. Thus, the beginning of the holidays was gradually brought forward between 1875 and 1891, to end up being set for July 14 in 1912. This decline is due to the growing number of students being requisitioned by their parents during the harvest period.

Here again, the reality of the facts has caught up with an increasingly outdated calendar over the years. In 1959 the beginning of the holidays was advanced to July 1, and the start of the school year advanced to the beginning of October. Until 1875, short holidays did not exist. That year, a week off was created for schoolchildren on the occasion of Easter. The year 1925, meanwhile, saw the introduction of two weeks of Christmas holidays for secondary school students.

The evolutions have not stopped since, even over the last decades. Today, certain holiday periods vary depending on the area of ​​attachment to which your child’s establishment belongs. Here is the territorial distribution of these areas:

For 2023-2024, the dates have finally fallen. Find below all the dates of the school calendar for the coming school year.