In the pharmaceutical sector of non-prescription and parapharmaceutical products, prices have increased for two years. Audrey Lecoq, Founder of Pharmazon, wholesaler in this field since 2021, in the columns of Le Parisien, is worried: “For two months, 80% of the 320 labs with which I work have reassessed their catalog prices, most often from 7 to 15%!”. The problem ? These are the “imprecise” explanations of industrialists on this subject.

If the increase in these products for the past two years has not been noted, it is because, “during the pandemic, we were in hyper-care (sale of masks, massive vaccination campaign, etc.). It is only today, when we are breathing a little, that we realize the extent of these flights“explains For Pierre-Olivier Jacquot, pharmacist in Nancy, for the Parisian. For him these increases are “incomprehensible. “The many references today cost 6, 7 or 8 euros more than before the Covid-19 crisis,” he told Le Parisien.

The danger according to him is that the French stop taking their treatments because they could no longer finance them.

To justify these increases, the founder of Pharmazon believes that the arguments of manufacturers are “light”. The most common explanation is the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which would cause some of the increases seen. It would be in particular the shortages of raw materials and plastic and aluminum packaging that would be the cause. In the meantime, in the slideshow below, here is the list of products that have increased, according to an infographic from Le Parisien.