If you bought bananas that are starting to ripen and found them blackened the next day, this is normal. Indeed, some fruits ripen faster than others. Even more, some degrade quickly in contact with other fruits. The difference lies in the nature of the fruits. There are thus two categories:

Climacteric fruits release more ethylene allowing faster ripening. However, in contact with other fruits, they can ripen the whole basket faster. Discover in our slideshow below those who can coexist in the same basket. Moreover, whether they are climacteric or not, all these products are no longer within everyone’s reach.

For the past year, inflation has affected all sectors of activity. Among the most affected is food. According to the report published by INSEE on March 15, 2023, consumer prices increased by 6.2% between February 2022 and February 2023. For food prices, this increase reached 14.8% over one year for the same period. Moreover, FranceInfo specified that fruit prices increased by 4.6% over the same period.

Thus, the French would consume three to four times less fruit and vegetables than in the 1960s. These figures would therefore be partly explained by the increase in the consumption of these products in recent decades. Nevertheless, this tendency would be more important in certain generations. Indeed, Laurent Grandin, president of the Interprofession (Interfel), told our colleagues from Les Echos that “people under 35 eat three to four times less fruit and vegetables than their grandparents”.

If consumption is falling among the youngest, imports are booming. “We only produce half of our needs. If we continue on this path, self-sufficiency in this area will drop to 35% within ten years,” he said. A resurgence in the production and consumption of fruit and vegetables is nevertheless envisaged.

If fruits are part of your daily life, you can consult our slideshow below to find out which ones can end up in the same basket without deteriorating.