Top 11 Portuguese Animation Talents Making Waves

Portugal is shining bright as the Country of Honor at the Annecy Animation Festival this year. The animation industry in Portugal is flourishing, with a new generation of talented artists making their mark both locally and internationally. Here are 11 Portuguese animation talents that you should definitely keep an eye on:

1. **Rodrigo Goulão De Sousa**: Gobelins-trained filmmaker known for his distinct 2D aesthetic and genre-heavy horror and thriller themes.
2. **Monica Santos**: Nominated for a Portuguese Film Academy Sophia Award for her short film “The Pink Jacket.”
3. **Alice Eça Guimarães**: Co-director of award-winning short films like “Amélia & Duarte” and “Between the Shadows.”
4. **João Gonzalez**: Award-winning artist who combines his musical background with animated cinema.
5. **Maria Trigo Teixeira**: An animator with an impressive track record, having won the German Short Film Award for animation.
6. **Diogo Costa**: A newcomer making waves with his debut short film “The Hunt.”
7. **Vier Nev**: A multidisciplinary artist known for their VFX work and unique storytelling.
8. **Laura Gonçalves**: Accomplished filmmaker with a series of successful films under her belt.
9. **Alexandra Ramires**: Award-winning animator and filmmaker with a unique visual style.
10. **Miguel Lima**: Collaborated on the haunting short film “Almost Forgotten” and continues to develop projects.
11. **Francisco Magalhães**: Animation supervisor on popular series like “Scavengers Reign” and “Common Side Effects.”

These talented individuals are pushing the boundaries of animation and putting Portugal on the map as a hub for creative storytelling. Keep an eye out for their future projects as they continue to captivate audiences with their innovative work.