100 days before the exit: EU emergency plan for Unger decides to apply Brexit


    The European Union has decided to 100 days prior to the Brexit for the case of a disorderly exit of great Britain a series of emergency measures. The plans are necessary to limit “the worst damage to a ‘No Deal’scenario,” said the EU Commission on Wednesday. Especially trade, transport and Finance are to be protected.

    the proposals will ensure the EU-Commission a range of flights. A complete collapse should be avoided, according to the EU Commission. A prerequisite is, however, that London acknowledges the EU Airlines the same rights.

    the financial flows will be without interruption. For example, the Central settlement of financial derivatives should be for twelve months, continued, informed by the EU Commission. The same period, will be provided for OTC derivatives that are traded off-exchange directly between Financial institutions. OTC stands for “Over the Counter”, what with “over the counter”.

    great Britain mobilized 3500 soldiers

    the British side is pushing ahead with its preparations for a Brexit without agreement. On Wednesday London will present a draft for a future immigration system. In addition to 3500 soldiers are to be mobilized, to be on any emergencies after a hard Brexit prepared.