10 vintage posters that are worth a fortune today


Difficult, in the midst of an inflationary period, to give up a small additional income. And for good reason ! When prices rise as they do today, the purchasing power of French women and men collapses. Without forgetting, of course, their ability to save. Since the onset of the crisis, the real return of a number of products among the most popular with savers has turned negative. This is the case for life insurance (at least for funds in euros), the Livret A, but also the Livret de développement durable et solidaire (LDDS) or the Livret d’Epargne populaire (LEP). Which does not necessarily mean that you have to completely change your heritage strategy, as the economist Alexandre Delaigue recently explained in our columns.

An alternative solution is, sometimes, to do a little sorting in your attic or in your cellar. This one can indeed count a certain number of treasures in the making or expensive forgotten trinkets. Starting with old comic books that are sufficiently rare and well preserved at a high price! Without forgetting, of course, the physical reminiscences of your proud youth: certain trinkets from the 1970s or 1980s are still snapped up today.

The parts, when they are rare, can also be resold at a very high price. As well as the posters! Evidenced by the prices applied to products offered for sale on the specialized site Delcampe, used by collectors to acquire or resell some of their objects. As well as those observed on eBay, a platform known to Internet users. More information on this subject in our slideshow that you will find below. Beware, however! To hope to resell such a product, it must still be rare, in good condition and offered at the right price…